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Why do my CD’s work better than others?

Unlike many others who have many occupations and various revenue streams, they are lazy and looking for a quick buck so they “hire” someone to create a hypnosis disc they can sell.

Someone will write a “nice” sounding script for them and some even go the distance to add music, others don’t. The content and structure layout may not be effective as the author may not understand how to talk to the Subconscious Mind to make lasting change.

Many of these sellers are hobbyists going for the next fad after fad (subliminal things popping on your screen, re-affirmations on their own and not developed with in a mental management system etc). Don’t get ripped off.

I am a certified hypnotherapist and professional stage hypnotist, featured speaker and entertainer. My CD’s have come about through hours of hands-on training with people like you who may have some challenges and mental obstacles to overcome. I know how to write scripts as I use them everyday for training and working with individuals and professional organizations. I format the structure of the scripts used in a format that the subconscious mind can understand. This is important because your conscious mind does all the thinking and rationalizing and understands differently than the subconscious mind. It uses a different “currency” for an “exchange” of changing habits, fears, building confidence, self esteem etc.

I also utilize Surround Sounding Effects created in a professional recording studio, not someone's home office. The recordings are all made with my voice and the music I use is my own Scientific Induction Music (S.I.M.) on my CD’s. This music is relaxing and I use it to relax and hypnotize people in my training forums and for the “induction”  part of every one of  my hypnosis shows.

The music and sound of my voice will assist you in relaxing and reaching a controlled wonderful hypnotic state so that you can make the changes you want to make. Simply get comfortable and give yourself permission to relax, then slip in the disc and don’t try to do to anything,  just follow the comforting music and my voice as I guide you into a wonderful, natural, transformational state of mind. You will remember everything and there are no “subliminal” messages contained within any of the CDs. Each disc is guaranteed 100% or your money refunded.


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“The Mind Potential Weight Loss System has done some very interesting things for me!  First of all, right off the bat I noticed that I don't have any cravings anymore!  This has really floored me!  I can walk by trays of goodies and not feel the need to eat one (or many as used to be the case!)  If I do choose to eat one, I can limit it to that; just one.  I can stop at Tim Horton's and order just a tea whereas 4 out of 5 times I'd take a doughnut as well.  Even my meal portions are slightly smaller.

I take the time to exercise at least 4 times a week and sometimes 5 so I'm sticking to that.  Again it's interesting because it doesn't feel like a chore anymore.  And because I'm sticking with it, I've had to increase my repetitions as the burn wasn't coming with the previous number of reps!

All this has worked out to a good 5 pound loss so far!  I haven't been able to budge that scale down for a while now and since I'm not denying myself a treat now and then, it feels great!  I am completely amazed!  I know that I knew all along what I needed to do, but my mind needed that little extra convincing and now it's running everything for me.”  K. Poll


"Just wanted to let you know that I'm still doing well.  Day 11 of disk one today, and I'm down 8 and a half pounds!  :-)  I have experienced some mild cravings, but they have been really mild, for the most part. The Weight Loss System is very easy to use...Thank you!"  J. Buschart


"Oh, an update on the weight loss --- I know you don’t do this....but somehow you must have planted a subliminal message in your CD’s.  Between my determination to change my habits, eating better - 40 lbs have disappeared.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!"
R. Cowlsey


“Hi Jerry ..... I gave your Sleep Insomnia Away CD to my friend. ... He was skeptical at first but tried it anyway. It was the first night that he and had a sound sleep in a long time. Because he slept well, his wife did too. he has been using it every day since. Thank You and I will be ordering more” N. Hanson


"I bought your Insomnia CD when you were at the theatre before the show...after 4 years of not sleeping since my husband died.. I finally am able to sleep more than 5 hours a night.. so thanks again!"
V. Dellio


“Your Confidence CD session has had profound effects on my confidence in many ways, and in dealing with other issues that I have been avoiding. Many Thanks again!” P. DeSilva


“I've just got home from Alberta - Lake Louise, Banff area and I am back at University for the summer.

I would like to thank you again for the CD, and I am very pleased I have met you. I have been using the CD quite often and it does bring results. I have passed my Level IV this spring in Sun Peaks, B.C.. I am soooooooo happy. ( I am the youngest female in Canada to get the Level IV)

I went there at the end of March, beginning of April and spent a week there to do the exams. The snow conditions weren't great at all. Spring snow, very soft and slow snow and sometimes a bit of rain as well. Anyway, as I got there I went for few runs just to see the resort and check out the snow. I skied poorly that afternoon and I was getting nervous since the exams started the next day. Anyway, I almost quit skiing for the afternoon. I still went up for a last run to make sure I finish the day on a good note. I stood there, at the top of the bumpy slope, and I remember I almost cry because I skied very poorly that day before the exams. I felt like I shouldn't be there at that moment. After few minutes of letting my bad thoughts to get me down, I remembered what you have told me, not only on the presentation but also on the CD. I remembered the word CONFIDENCE and it did work. I told to myself I CAN DO THIS and I went down through the bumps as never before. That build my confidence back and I finished the day with a big smile, courage and hope for the exams. The entire week went extremely well. I was waking up with lots of energy and optimism in my head and I wasn't that nervous. Just a few butterflies the first morning of the exams, but that was it. I trusted myself and it worked. I did get the Level IV pin at the end of the week ( with the best results that week). I was very pleased with the results.

I thought you might be interested in my story; Your CD - "Create Confidence to Perform Your Best" helped me to train my mind and perform my best - and get my Level IV.

I do believe in the self hypnosis and I still use it for other suggestions as well. Thank you again” O. Nagy


"I was just on a plane today telling my wife how much less antsy I am about flying since listening to your confidence hypnosis CD in Aug.  Not that I love it.  But there is a difference.  Thanks a lot." L Williams


"I am so pleased to let you know that I have had a successful month of NON SMOKING.  Some symptoms of nicotine withdrawal have shown themselves but the power of the conscious and subconscious (in my case some would say unconscious) mind is amazing.  The technique of touching the finger and thumb together as a trigger to enter a state of relaxation has worked as well and I have used it several times. Thank you." M. Henderson


“I am still not smoking and have not overly wanted to or have no desire to buy any either.  I have not heard the little voice since listening to your CD and thank you for that, so I have not gone nuts yet.   Last weekend I did have a couple of puffs from my daughters and thought it really wasn't worth the wanting.  It is really funny I can sit and watch others smoke and it does not bother me.  So maybe that old saying you can touch but not have is what happens.  So it does works, the relaxing certainly helped me and I did love how deep I could go.” D. Fisher


"Jerry, here is one to add to your testimony collection, a 74 year old blind woman who is VERY independent and in my opinion, totally not interested in hypnotism, bought one of your discs after I played it during her massage, something just told me to introduce it no matter how much my logical brain said "don't", my intuition said "why not", she said a couple of days later, she was in a mall and had a low grade panic attack, she had terrible ones when she was younger but now they are very mild, with out even thinking she closed her eyes and pressed her two fingers together and said to herself "relax" and her breathing very quickly became normal. Amazing!" C. Edgar CMT


“Your CD’s have been a tremendous help Jerry and have helped me find power within myself. I really do want to thank you.” R. Beattie


“I'm having a great time with the self-hypnosis thing.  The other night I had what might be called a major breakthrough. This stuff is dy-no-mite!” R. Jake

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How Hypnosis Changed My Life: My Story

It was a moment Jerry Enns couldn’t forget: speeding to a head-on collision that could have cost him his life.

Physically, he got lucky… walking away with just a few bumps and bruises. But the traumatic experience left a deeper, invisible scar—a private, very personal challenge that would make it nearly impossible to life a normal life: Jerry was afraid to drive.

The Simple, Almost Annoying Conversation
That Changed Everything

Sharing the haunting fear with his physician, his doctor suggested an “unconventional” approach. Determined, and desperate for a solution, Jerry set up an appointment with the recommended “specialist”.

What happened next would change everything.

During their initial conversation, the man guided Jerry through a simple conversation and after a few moments leaned over and told him to basically “Get over it!”

Minutes later, it was done.

After the session, the man wanted to sign Jerry up for additional more sessions. Annoyed, Jerry refused and walking away thinking “this guy is nuts!”

That afternoon, Jerry needed to take his sister across town. He jumped in the car, drove across town and returned—without even thinking—just like he had always done before the accident.

What just happened?

Was it magic?

... a miracle?

Shocked, and fascinated by his “instant cure”, Jerry immersed himself to uncover the secret hidden inside the simple conversation that had changed his life.

What he discovered was not magic at all, but an ancient, scientifically-proven method that had worked for millions of others from all walks of life.

It’s …

…the amazingly simple method top sales people and athletes use to break records.

…how everyday people in all sorts of unique situations blast through obstacles, triple productivity and capture success.

…the hidden key Jerry’s annoying “specialist” used to get him driving with confidence again.

…the same secret that can transform your life too, if that’s what you really want.

What happens when real people
have a conversation with Jerry?

Today, Jerry uses this wisdom of a transformational process with executives, athletes and people at all levels of success. They have used it to eliminate fear, build unstoppable confidence and experience new levels of success, happiness and fulfillment.

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